BOO! – a Halloween Treat

‘It’s true that ghosts and ghouls come out to play tonight,’ I breathe.

I tiptoe through the graveyard dressed in a white bunny outfit with pink ears and red devil horns as always.

The evening streets are lined welcoming pumpkin heads in all shapes and sizes. Kids dance from house to house eager to fill bags, buckets or pillow slips. I mingle, dance, laugh and scare. I look forward to this night, so different from the rest, where mortals play dead. Each year the pastime grows bigger and brighter.

I join a group of girls dressed as witches, ghosts and of course, one fairy. We run up stairs and rap on the doors. We yell “trick or treat” and the lollies and chocolates flow.

At the next house we chorus again. Mr Hargraves, a teacher from my old school, cries, ‘trick.’ Grey hair has replaced the dark brown I remember.

‘Boo!’ I scream and pass right through his body. My icy hand clutches his thundering heart and it stills for a moment. He stumbles, slams the door on the startled throng and falls hard onto his backside, hands to his chest. I run my fingers through his thinning locks and the feel fear prickling in his nerves. Maybe I’ve gone too far.

‘Mike! Are you alright?’ His wife comes running. ‘You look like you’ve seen a ghost.’

‘I don’t know what came over me Marion my heart… my heart stopped,’ he replies through chattering teeth.

I hold the woman’s hand.

‘There’s a real chill in the air tonight. Did you give the kids lollies?’ She asks absently and flings the door open. The kids are gone – the street is in darkness.

A figure in a bunny outfit and devil horns hurries across the road. I run to warn of the car, the screeching and smash is deafening. Five years to the second my eleven year life ended. I shudder at the vision. The memory fades. In the glow of a street light a panel beaten car parked at the front of Mr Hargraves place shines. It’s a shame I couldn’t be fixed so easily.


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